Shawn Nason

The Combustion Chronicles

Season 5

Episode Sixty (with Diane Magers, Stacy Sherman & Jeannie Walters)

Episode Fifty-Nine (with James Dodkins)

Episode Fifty-Eight (with Jon Radoff, Dr. Swati Mehta, & Dov Hirsch )

Episode Fifty-Seven (with Beth Bierbower)

Episode Fifty-Six (with Nate Brown)

Episode Fifty-Five (with Braden Kelley, Diane Stover-Hopkins, & Michael Horn)

Episode Fifty-Four (with Annette Franz)

Episode Fifty-Three (with Lee Cockerell)

Episode Fifty-Two (with Michael Lee, David Kepron, and Garnet Heraman)

Episode Fifty-One (with Emily Chang)

Episode Fifty (with Shep Hyken)

Episode Forty-Nine (with Robin Beers, Renee Pezzi, Andrés Ospina)

Episode Forty-Eight (with Dan Gingiss)

Episode Forty-Seven (with Joe Pine)

Episode Forty-Six (with Lou Carbone, Craig Allan Ahrens, Christoph Burkhardt)

Episode Forty-Five (with Blake Morgan)

Episode Forty-Four (with Colin Shaw)

Kiss Your Dragons Mini-Series

Episode Forty-Three (with Shawn, Robin & Michael)

Episode Forty-Two (with Shawn, Robin & Michael)

Episode Forty-One (with Shawn, Robin & Michael)

Episode Forty (with Shawn, Robin & Michael)

Episode Thirty-Nine (with Shawn, Robin & Michael)

Episode Thirty-Eight (with Shawn, Robin & Michael)

Season Four

Episode Thirty-Seven (with Tabatha Coffey)

Episode Thirty-Six (with Chris Cabott)

Episode Thirty-Five (with Ville Levaniemi)

Episode Thirty-Four (with Ashleigh Axios)

Episode Thirty-Three (with Jared Odrick)

Episode Thirty-Two (with Teddy Abrams)

Episode Thirty-One (with Shawn Achor)

Episode Thirty (with Michael Brown and Tim Peace, FNP)

Episode Twenty-Nine (with Antonio Fernandez)

Episode Twenty-Eight (with Shawn Nason)

Season Three

Episode Twenty-Seven (with Neil Mandt)

Episode Twenty-Six (with Chef Bryan-David Scott)

Episode Twenty-Five (with Chris McCarthy)

Episode Twenty-Four (with Gregg Breinberg)

Episode Twenty-Three (with Nancye Green & Julie Anixter)

Episode Twenty-Two (with Dr. Will Cole)

Episode Twenty-One (with Richard Paxman)

Episode Twenty (with Rich Loesing)

Season Two

Episode Nineteen (with Terry Jones)

Episode Eighteen (with Margaret Laws)

Episode Seventeen (with Lucien Engelen)

Episode Sixteen (with Allison Parc)

Episode Fifteen (with Myra Biblowit)

Episode Fourteen (with Dr. Zayna Khayat)

Episode Thirteen (with David and Erin Leaverton)

Episode Twelve (with Sean Slovenski)

Episode Eleven (with Colin Egglesfield)

Season One

Episode Ten (with Soon Yu)

Episode Nine (with Paula Schneider)

Episode Eight (with Jane Sarasohn-Kahn)

Episode Seven (with Juan Muniz)

Episode Six (with Dr. Daniel Kraft)

Episode Five (with Dr. Kelechi Uwaezuoke)

Episode Four (with Jason Arashenben)

Episode Three (with Annette Logan-Parker)

Episode Two (with Ryan Serhant)

Episode One (with Arianna Huffington)