Unwind, Sip, Dance: Revitalizing Healthcare Leadership

In This Episode

  • [00:52] Introduction to Robin Glasco
  • [03:30] Launching a women executive leadership advisory group.
  • [05:15] Robin’s accidental entry into healthcare
  • [07:42] Robin’s rewarding experiences in healthcare
  • [11:02] Emerging industry trends and future prospects in healthcare
  • [10:48] The changing face of healthcare leadership
  • [12:55] Improving healthcare experiences
  • [19:03] How might we segment
  • [22:10] The combustion questions
  • [23:32] Dance parties and Robin's love for them
  • [24:05] The launch of Suite & Suit

What We Learned From Robin

  • Robin Glasco is a powerhouse in the healthcare industry and has launched a women executive leadership advisory group, aiming to shatter glass ceilings and empower women executives.
  • Robin's journey into healthcare was unplanned, but she has made a significant impact and is driving change in the industry.
  • The importance of having more women leaders in healthcare, with the belief that diversity in leadership leads to innovation and better outcomes.
  • The need to revolutionize the healthcare system, with ideas such as eliminating payers and claims and putting patients at the center.

Notable Quotes

[08:20] “I was 26 years old when my mentor friend gave me a seat at the table and passed me the microphone, and I'd do it every chance that I get.”


[09:06] - “Some people aren't willing to walk into the front door of the clinical experience, but they were at the time willing to walk in what was the side door into  alternative medicine.”


[10:52] - “More women leaders, leaders from different organizations, leaders going into different areas of the health care ecosystem.”


[11:12] “When there still are a lot of old legacy mindsets that are leading, leading at the helm, who still see health care in a very myopic way, It's not going to get better.”


[11:54] “Those who control the purse strings, control the decision, impacts so many things around policy, investment strategy.”


Our Guest

Robin Glasco is an esteemed executive search consultant at Spencer Stuart's healthcare practice with three decades of experience. She's an influential figure in healthcare, having led teams at Kaiser Permanente, served as the Chief Innovation Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and contributed as a board member to the American Telehealth Association. Robin is also a prolific author and the driving force behind the Pink Couch and Platform, addressing critical issues facing underserved and underrepresented women.

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