In This Episode

  • [02:10] YiDing’s journey as a serial entrepreneur
  • [04:01] The brokenness of the healthcare industry
  • [06:24] The challenge of making change in healthcare
  • [07:11] Magic wand: Empowering patients to make choices
  • [10:54] The starting block to transform payment
  • [12:04] Challenges in changing health insurance and payment
  • [14:40] Using technology to streamline prior authorizations
  • [18:22] Some of Dr. YiDing’s favorite innovations
  • [22:22] Bridging the divide in healthcare
  • [24:41] Disjointed revenue cycle
  • [28:59] Empowering women in healthcare
  • [31:14] The pipeline and supply of talented women
  • [32:08] The combustion questions

What We Learned From Dr. YiDing Yu

  • Misaligned incentives between patients, providers, and payers are a foundational problem in the healthcare system.
  • Empowering patients and giving them more agency in their healthcare decisions is crucial for transforming the system.
  • Bridging the divide in healthcare includes addressing challenges providers face in getting paid and battling insurance providers for reimbursement rates and denials.
  • The role of women in healthcare is important, and there is a need for mentoring, sponsoring, and promoting women to higher leadership positions.
  • Women should be encouraged to advocate for themselves in the healthcare industry.

Notable Quotes

[07:19] - “We have to allow patients to have more agency, more autonomy, more decision-making capacity.”


[08:42] - “Building patient loyalty doesn't necessarily generate more revenue. So it's hard to find the economic incentives to do that.”


[19:57] -  “You don't have to have a master's degree in machine learning and all this crazy AI to make a profound difference to patients' lives and improve access to care.”


[31:29] - “It doesn't matter what your role is or where you are. You have the ability to change how leadership looks at your organization.”


Our Guest

Dr. YiDing Yu is a distinguished physician, acclaimed entrepreneur, and prominent healthcare innovator. As the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Product Officer at Olive, a transformative healthcare automation company, she leads product development and rapid expansion. Previously, she served as the Chief Medical Officer at Verata Health before its acquisition by Olive. She holds a magna cum laude BA in Economics from Harvard University and is renowned for her groundbreaking work, including accolades from prestigious organizations. YiDing is an international keynote speaker, captivating audiences worldwide.

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