In This Episode

[02:20] Robin's 2.5 IPOs

[05:34] From converting a prospect to ensuring a good customer experience

[07:31] The best kind of customer experience

[10:37] Robin's long journey leading to his current role

[14:32] The difference between understanding a brand's existence vs falling in love with what the brand does

[19:52] Merging the roles of CMOs and Chief Experience Officers

[23:48] How can organizations help develop radical relationships?

[29:24] Robin's advice to his younger self from 20 years ago

[31:51] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from ROBIN

The need for marketers to experience the end-to-end process.

Understanding what customer experience is about — focusing on their experience, not our experience.

Being an easy partner to work with is also an important part of customer experience.

The best marketing engine you can create is word of mouth.

Your communication skills will either make you succeed or fail in business.

Notable quotes

[06:18] - "The best marketers I've known, they also take the time to learn the product and stay with it."


[07:34] - "The best marketing and the best kind of customer experience is about, how do you remove the friction points at every step of the way?"


[11:22] - " was always more driven by the potential of what could be, than the fear of just staying stale."


[20:01] - "Experience is such a part of creating a brand that people fall in love with, but also creating very strong word of mouth."


[29:32] - "If you really wanna see your career take off, it doesn't happen if you just do the bare minimum. You have to go all in."

Our Guest

Robin Daniels is a three-time Chief Marketing Officer, and a veteran of 2.5 IPOs, and currently serves as an advisor to fast-growth companies around the world. He spent more than 20 years in marketing and growth leadership roles at such companies as Salesforce, Box, LinkedIn, Matterport, and WeWork. His areas of expertise include product marketing, brand-building, and sales transformation, among many others.

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