In This Episode

[01:37] Welcoming Scott Roth to The Combustion Chronicles.

[02:04] The best part of being a CCO at Beamery.

[03:54] Navigating the great resignation, quiet quitting, and remote work.

[06:42] Why companies should stay engaged with previous employees.

[10:37] On making a career in talent life cycle management.

[15:46] On being maverick-minded and human-obsessed.

[19:21] Scott's advice for CCO's and HR.

[21:16] Scott's next big idea.

[24:10] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from Scott

Scott believes that employers should listen to their employee base to determine overlapping things that they are recommending or asking for. 

A lot of corporations have developed their teams through the Bains and McKinsey consulting model.

Managers are recognized for moving the workforce talent within the company, giving them new opportunities, thereby creating a stronger organization.

Scott's key focus at Beamery is to drive customer centricity throughout the organization to ensure that they have a seat at the table.

Notable quotes

[04:21] "My best advice is listen to your employee base. Listen to what they are telling you. Listen to what they are asking for. Now you can't do every single one thing they are asking for, but there are going to be themes that develop and there are going to be the things that employees are recommending."

[12:20] "You say what you can do and you do what you can say and you have to deliver on your promises. And I think that's so important because at the end of the day, all you have in this world is your word and your reputation."

[15:50] "I think it's really important to remember: People buy from people."

[16:08] "It's super important to create a relationship with your customers and to make sure you know something about them. So, one of the things I strive to do when I am first meeting someone is learn about them as a human."

Our Guest

Scott Roth, is Chief Customer Officer at Beamery, the leader in talent lifecycle management. As CCO, he works with the company's customers to design, build, and implement talent transformation initiatives that will enable them to unlock the potential in their workforce, improve the talent experience, and ultimately achieve key business targets. Scott has also led professional services teams at Medallia, Oracle, Endeca and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. 

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