In This Episode

  • (2:46) “ How Arianne’s passion for people has evolved through life experiences.
  • (3:11) “ The days that she’s really tired motivate her for the next day.
  • (3:52) “ The diversity of people, genders, and ages have helped her prepare for hercurrent role.
  • (7:02) “ Healthcare falling behind in DEI.
  • (9:49) “ Checking the DEI box will never be an option.
  • (10:50) “ The importance of leaving a lasting impact.
  • (14:30) “ The value of connecting with people on an internal and external level.
  • (17:35) “ Accountability and making sure diverse voices are heard.
  • (20:29) “ Thoughts on adding persons of color in the healthcare systems.
  • (22:30) “ The Combustion Questions
  • (24:31) “ Advice for women wanting to move into leadership in healthcare.

What We Learned From Arianne Dowdell

  • Helping people is one of the key drivers that keeps Arianne moving forward.
  • The learning curve relating to DEI and the things she’s doing to move it forward.
  • Impact and vision are important to her.
  • Arianne firmly believes in the concept of storytelling.
  • Seeing the community as part of the healthcare puzzle.

Notable Quotes

  • (2:55) "I've never chased a title in my life, it's always just being about making sure that people know that they're heard and seen."
  • (16:12) "What we do is put the patient at the center of what we do every day."
  • (17:59) "I also think we have to take a step back when we look at healthcare and look at our communities."
  • (21:09) "Tell people to stop being so scared to have somebody that doesn't look like them sitting in the C-suite."
  • (25:10) "It's okay if everyone doesn't like you but everyone will respect you and that's what I pray happens when I leave this earth is that I will be someone who is respected for the work I do every day."

Our Guest

Arianne Dowdell is the Vice President Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer for Houston Methodist. She is responsible for leading the vision for unparalleled safety, quality service and innovation through diversity, equity and inclusion by stewarding system-wide DEI strategy implementation and development through key partnerships. She also serves as associate director of the Houston Methodist Neal Cancer Center where she's responsible for building the DEI department that will be initially focused on increasing representation amongst its employees in the cancer center.

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