In This Episode

[02:03] Amy discusses her journey to being a CCO right before COVID struck

[05:00] Amy discusses the continuum of the human experience across CX and EX

[08:00] How to measure customer experience and convey that benefit to executives

[09:11] A company using the word "extraordinary" in its mission statement sets a high bar

[12:18] How customer-adjacent experiences influenced Amy's maverick-mindset as a CCO

[14:20] The keys to being maverick-minded in a highly-regulated industry like insurance 

[16:14] Rewarding and recognizing wins within the industry

[18:18] Amy's best piece of advice about leadership

[21:40] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from Amy

To get to the role of CCO, spend time deep-diving into what the role entails, and do not be afraid to cold call people further along than you for advice.

Even a challenge such as COVID has benefits if you are willing and able to think outside of the box and work as a team.

If you are going to use the word "extraordinary" in your mission statement, you need to have a plan in place to meet those high expectations.

You do not need to spend lots of money to reward and recognize small wins in your industry - you just need to demonstrate appreciation in a meaningful way.

The best leaders create followership. Be a leader in the mind of those who follow you - not just a leader in your own mind.

Notable quotes

[8:57] - "A good customer experience doesn't cost - it pays."


[9:18] - "When you are a company that puts words like extraordinary care in your mission statement, you know that sets a very high bar, and it provided a significant amount of air cover.'


[12:55] - "Even when I was leading product development or pricing teams, understanding and thinking about how this connects to customers really matters."


[15:14] - "Some of the most maverick-minded things we did back in the early days was identifying what we could stop doing, and building on that - building momentum and getting wins, built this flywheel of momentum."


[19:03] - "When you are a leader, the most important thing that you need to do is to regularly look over both of your shoulders to make sure there's actually someone behind you."


Our Guest

Amy Shore is Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Nationwide, one of America's leading insurance and financial services companies. With a background in customer service and leadership, her focus is developing and executing customer strategies to maximize customer acquisition and retention. She believes our differences make us stronger together, and this belief is reflected in her trend-setting work at Nationwide.

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