In This Episode

[02:08] Sid talks the best part about being at Blue Zones.

[03:38] The secret sauce for making healthcare experiences better for people.

[07:45] What other companies can learn from what Blue Zones is doing.

[11:35] On taking the leap from Economics to Health & Wellness and to Experience & Design. 

[16:35] Making people in healthcare more maverick-minded and human-obsessed.

[20:16] How does the new Blue Zones center incorporate the maverick-minded mindset?

[22:43] Sid's advice to people who are just starting out in this space.

[25:11] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from Sid

The original Blue Zones were created naturally by the environment and by the cultures such as Japan, Costa Rica, Italy and Greece, and even California.

The key to having a good experience in wellness is to have a provider who understands where you are in the journey and then create a plan that is personalized to you rather than the masses.

Simplify the experience. Don't make it complicated.

Sid's friends constantly reach out to him about their healthcare situation or issues.

Notable quotes

[04:25] "The key to having a good experience of wellness is to understand where you are on the journey and to have a provider or a service organization that understands where you are in the journey and then create a plan that is personalized to you."

[12:12] "It goes back to that purpose and impact. What do I get out of bed for everyday and then am I going to make my life better, your life better, or somebody else’s life better. I love helping people."

[21:30] "There is a lot of noise out there Shawn, in the marketplace. How do you know what's real? How do you know what's fake? How do you know what's helpful to your body and to your wellness journey and what's hurtful? And we have clinicians behind us who help us make that decision."

[23:48] "I think it's making it simple and manageable so that people continue the experience. You need to make the experience positive, and I think the best way to make the experience positive is to simplify it and to make people understand it."

Our Guest

Sid Stolz is the chief design and experience officer for Blue Zones, an organization that creates programs that transform wellbeing everywhere and at every level. Over his 35-year career, Sid has served in numerous companies such as United Health Group, CVS/Caremark, and Chip Rewards. He also serves on the board of Vesper Society, a nonprofit that focuses on health and justice in underserved communities.

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