In This Episode

[02:17] Cassandra's transition to Sharp HealthCare in 2020

[05:42] Breaking down the silos in the health system

[10:08] Cassandra's childhood dream, and her journey to becoming a CXO

[14:09] Working in an organization that does experience as a strategy

[15:50] The most important thing Cassandra learned as a certified patient experience professional

[18:53] How can we keep the human experience at the forefront?

[21:15] An experience idea that healthcare should emulate from another industry

[22:59] The best advice Cassandra has ever received about leadership

[24:11] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from CASSANDRA

Experience officers as bridge builders, dot connectors, and collaborative formers.

You should expect good service when you walk into a healthcare organization.

Experience is connected to everything that you do.

In terms of creating a good experience, a lot of it is intuitive and based on regulations.

The need to put experience design methodology at the forefront of your brain in everything we do.

Notable quotes

[08:25] - "Our job is to make sure the work is meaningful and connected to a bigger strategic objective."


[16:27] - "In the healthcare space, letters behind your name mean a lot to certain people."


[17:29] - "If you're not sure where I fit, then we won't ever get to success."


[23:01] - "You don't have to have a title to be a leader, you have to have heart for people."

Our Guest

Cassandra Crowe serves as chief experience officer at Sharp HealthCare, her latest stop in 20+ years of leadership in patient experience and service excellence. She is a dynamic professional with a proven track record of elevating the human experience through collaborative relationships, and high-impact strategies and initiatives.

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