In This Episode

[02:19] Greg recalls the best day he's had at MasterCard

[03:57] The key elements of good in-person research

[09:17] Using experience design to be a force for good

[13:09] MasterCard is more than just a credit card company

[14:56] Greg's advice to leaders of B to C to B companies

[17:01] Maverick-minded people in the financial industry

[19:09] How can we create more human obsession in the financial industry?

[20:44] The best advice Greg has ever received about leadership

[22:36] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from GREG

The importance of listening, observing, and trying it yourself when doing research.

Act with purpose, lead with the heart, and make a positive impact.

CX is about remaining genuinely focused on the needs of the people that you serve.

The purpose of a business is to create a customer.

The need to understand and respect different cultures.

Notable quotes

[07:55] - "If you get more participation from engineers, product managers, executives, the investment follows."


[10:23] - "It's time for doing well by doing good to become business as usual."


[14:57] - "Ultimately, you need to be focused on what delivers value for the end consumer."


[17:40] - "Maverick mindset allows us to accelerate vitality for the business."


[22:00] - "Get experiences of lots of different cultures and that will accelerate your learning and your career potential as it relates to leadership."

Our Guest

Greg Boullin is the Senior Vice President of Experience and Innovation at MasterCard. Greg and his team are charged with de-risking the introduction of new products and services through customer-centric research and insights in close collaboration with experience design, engineering, and product teams.

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