In This Episode

[02:30] Expanding on the role of a Chief Marketing Officer.

[03:27] Becoming a storyteller and an engine of growth. 

[05:54] How to create culture centric lifestyle brands.

[10:38] On thinking bigger and broadening her focus.

[15:30] Chief Marketing Officer vs Chief Experience Officer 

[19:10] The challenges of being an executive mother.

[23:33] Marisa's advice to her younger self.

[26:59] The best leadership advice Marisa has received about leadership.

[29:44] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from Marisa

The CMO's role is to be an engine of growth.

Marisa loves the intersection of human psychology, business, and culture.

Her best work has been with Estée Lauder, Taco Bell, and Lowe's.

She's been passionately advocating for executive moms for over 20 years.

Notable quotes

[04:50] - "It's really essential for colleagues, boards, and CEOs to understand that any good marketer is indeed an engine of growth."

[13:43] - "We kind of glorify high risk, high reward, and we forget to remind people that sometimes, risks are risky for a reason."

[20:09] - "You have to be willing to live in a little bit of the chaos of something new and the process comes later."

[25:23] - "We all have different journeys. Embrace it and be proud of it, and continue to find ways to create more impact."

[28:23] - "You can't really talk down to people and expect them to then rise up."

Our Guest

Marisa Thalberg is a maestro of marketing. She has been named "50 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers in the World" by Forbes. Business Insider puts her in their top 25. She has also been named Adweek Brand Genius and Industry Drive Marketing Executive of the Year. She's led brand and marketing efforts at organizations that include Estée Lauder, Taco Bell and Lowes. Marisa specializes in building brands across a range of industries.

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