In This Episode

[02:23] Fred's experience of diving into a new industry with his foundational toolkit

[06:17] The right product, right message, and the right experience

[09:34] How do you build the right experience for your customers?

[14:30] Fred's transition from the tech industry to becoming a CXO

[19:08] How Fred saw technology outside of a box

[22:15] Beating the adoption curve in digital innovation

[23:49] How becoming a CXO culminated everything Fred has done in his career

[25:10] Fred's advice to someone starting out in experience design

[27:04] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from FRED

You have to be very much forward facing with consumers.

Understanding what is the environment in which you're working

The success of things should always come from a collective effort

The CXO is the connector in any organization

Always think about what you would want to see as a shopper.

Notable quotes

[06:49] - "If it is something where you are bringing consumers into a new category, how do you convince them that it's the right time to enter and it's the right product to meet?"


[09:48] - "The success of things that I look to bring to the market are not solely mine."


[12:03] - "It's for me to work with my colleagues and create those relationships that we embark on together to say, to achieve these things, we need to do all of this together congruently."


[21:33] - "The evolution of your brand is not just about yet another campaign or another stunt. It is about creating the coolest products that you can put out in a number of channels in the market."


[23:56] - "To be a CXO, you have to definitely be a generalist in many senses. You have to understand how the different pieces come together."

Our Guest

Fred Gerantabee is the CXO of FGX International, which is part of eyewear giant EssilorLuxottica. He is an award-winning technologist, author and executive whose career has spanned the client, platform, and agency worlds across a variety of verticals.


During stints at Walt Disney Internet Group, WPP, and FGX, Fred has focused intensely on leveraging digital platforms, product development, and brand to create amazing first-touch experiences for consumers.

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