In This Episode

[03:25] You're either disrupting or being disrupted

[04:35] Having a signature identity and building your brand around it

[06:23] Building an experience-based brand and investing in customer experience

[08:21] The future of consumer behavior and what it means for businesses

[12:43] How customer centricity came into focus on Antonia's journey

[14:55] Having a maverick in C-suites of established companies today

[17:38] How can leaders within an organization create better experiences all around?

[20:42] Leading with the purpose behind the work

[23:58] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from Antonia

If you're doing customer experience as a program, you're going to lose.

COVID allowed us to reimagine connections

Invest in career development and employee development

Think about purpose and how to weave it from top to bottom

Having a questioning mindset that is tied to purpose

Notable quotes

[07:23] - "When you think about an experience-based brand, that is a leadership team that is thinking about the consumer first and building it into everything they do."


[10:01] - "More and more businesses are exploring this concept of purpose. That's another great consumer behavior trend."


[16:19] - "If you're going to embrace a maverick, you have to be ready for what they're bringing in their toolkit.


[19:23] - "Invest in great skill development and in portable things that make your employees more productive and leaders more productive."


[20:42] - "Leading with the purpose behind the work gets at the root of a lot of things that teams are really looking for right now."

Our Guest

Antonia Hock is a trailblazer and acclaimed futurist in the world of organizational transformation, leadership excellence, and building experience-based brands. Her career is rooted in building cultures of customer-centricity, implementing game-changing leadership strategy, and innovating customer experiences, all with an emphasis on tangible results and lasting impact.


Before launching Antonia J.A. Hock & Associates as a global consulting firm focused on transformational leadership and innovation, Antonia spent six years as the Global Head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center. Her FutureForward™ program is a practical and actionable approach focused on leadership development, the future of consumer behavior, and how to navigate disruption.

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