Inside the World of Healthcare Innovation

In This Episode

  • [00:51] Introduction to Dr. Karen Murphy
  • [02:22] Dr. Karen Murphy's career path
  • [04:18] The importance of collaboration and avoiding silos in healthcare
  • [07:14] The Importance of purposeful innovation in healthcare
  • [09:36] The Influence of culture and experience on success in healthcare and the film institute
  • [10:39] What made Dr. Karen an effective healthcare innovator
  • [13:39] Common misconceptions and challenges in health care innovation.
  • [16:47] Human-centered design in healthcare leadership
  • [21:56] How might we statements
  • [23:26] Payment transformation
  • [23:41] The combustion questions

What We Learned From Dr. Karen Murphy

  • Collaboration and breaking down silos are essential for fostering innovation in healthcare.
  • Innovation should have a purpose and aim to solve real problems with measurable outcomes.
  • Balancing patient care with the need for experimentation and iteration is a challenge in the healthcare industry.
  • Successful healthcare transformations include an AI-based colon cancer detection program and a remote patient monitoring system for complex hypertension.
  • Human-centred design plays a crucial role in healthcare innovation, from empathy to implementation.

Notable quotes

[04:21] -“Our philosophy is we work with the willing.”


[04:38] - “We define innovation as a fundamentally different approach to solving problems that have quantifiable outcomes.”


[08:19] - “We use virtual nurses to admit and discharge patients from the hospital.”


[11:04] - “During my time at the hospital, I worked with so many that wanted to change, were willing to change, and just didn't have the way to change.”


[11:43] - “I'd like to change the world as long as nobody changes me.”


[22:28] - “We have got to get to a payment transformation that promotes wellness, promotes prevention, and does not incentivize.”


Our Guest

Dr. Karen  Murphy is the EVP and Chief Innovation Officer at Geisinger Health's Steel Institute for Health Innovation, serving rural and urban Pennsylvania. With a career spanning public and private sectors, she's been a driving force in healthcare transformation. Former Pennsylvania Secretary of Health, Dr. Murphy tackled pressing issues like the opioid crisis. As the head of the State Innovation Model Initiative at CMS, she led a $990 million investment in nationwide healthcare innovation. An accomplished author and sought-after national speaker on health policy and innovation.

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