In This Episode

[02:22] Explaining the value of CX

[04:21] Everybody needs to be part of customer experience

[05:03] Building the trust in an organization

[06:44] The mistakes that Gene went through, and how he was able to turn things right

[12:13] How Gene's previous career experiences led him to his current role in CX

[19:46] Creating more human obsession in the industry

[25:26] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from gene

Once you get past the "why" and buy-in, it then becomes about trust.

Adoption is key, not just the understanding of concepts.

Having the right culture is what it takes to get CX done.

The importance of empathy and understanding what your customers go through.

Notable quotes

[05:09] “Once you have the trust, the who, when and how, becomes a lot easier.”

[05:33] “You gotta build your trust with your peers, stakeholders, and partners.”

[08:03] “Don’t fall in love with the tool and try to convince the organization, use it and show them the value of it.”

[21:05] “Bring the customer in as you concept and co-create. Be closer to the customer.”

[23:13] “You have to go slow to move fast and really understand the problem and understand what areas of experience that we can move the needle.”

Our Guest

Gene Lee is the Vice President of experience design at Autodesk where he leads a talented, multidisciplinary team responsible for delivering a seamless end-to-end customer experience across the entire digital customer lifecycle.

Previously, he served as chief experience officer at Mailchimp, and also had the opportunity to work at Sony PlayStation, Nickelodeon, Scholastic, Landor, Y&R, among many other great brands.

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