In This Episode

[02:06] How Ali tells people what she does for work.

[05:24] On closing the gap between brand management and actual experience.

[07:40] What can other industries learn about brand awareness?

[10:10] Reflecting on how ballet and a doctorate degree played into her success.

[14:09] Other experiences that helped Ali reach the top of her career.

[16:47] Can large corporations be maverick-minded and human-obsessed?

[20:19] Every organization should do this one thing to improve its reputation.

[23:40] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from Ali

Ali went into marketing thinking that she wouldn't need to do math.

Her mind has no limit on the number of things it can worry about at any given time. 

One of the reasons for the success of the marketing campaigns she led was that she worried about every single detail.

She didn't complete her PhD in Philosophy because she realized almost any other career was a better one.

Notable quotes

[02:22] "I see myself as a conductor and that my department is the symphony. That we get the score or the strategy that I have worked on with the rest of the executive leadership team and then it is my job to go make sure that my department executes everything as they should be. So Creative is the strings and Operations are the winds, but they all have to work together at the same time."

[05:49] "When you think about reputation, it is that your brand is the promise that you make; and your reputation is that people actually think you are living up to that promise."

[20:36] "Become a brand that people want to spend time with." 

[24:07] "Your employees are your best underutilized brand representatives. They live and breathe it. So, get them to do that."

[27:02] "Don't let your own head get in the way of it. Acknowledge the fear, but use that to make you better at what you're doing, not get in your way."

Our Guest

Ali Jawin is on a mission to demystify the processes that drive marketing success. Having built her career designing growth strategies and programs for digitally focused global organizations, she blends in a bottom-line approach with a talent for igniting brand recognition through impactful marketing campaigns that deliver quantifiable results on a global scale. Ali is Senior Vice President for global marketing company RepTrak where she is responsible for scaling the organization's global footprint and go-to marketing strategies. She has deep expertise that expands growth, marketing, marketing automation and customer acquisition for B2B and B2C.

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