I'm excited that you've checked out Kiss Your Dragons, and I look forward with engaging with you as you dive deeper into how we can all change the world by building radical relationships, adopting bold heartsets, and saying yes! to kissing dragons. Check out the growing list of resources.


Make Kiss Your Dragons more than just an inspiring team read. This complete easy-to-follow, four-week, learning curriculum will help you introduce your team to the concepts in Kiss Your Dragons through presentation, discussion, and exercises of increasing complexity. Apply the tenets of Kiss Your Dragons to your own real-world personal and business problems, developing a deep command of the material and unlocking immense potential both individually and as a team.

The Downloadable Kit Includes:

  • Presentation Deck with Script
  • Activity Worksheet
  • Team Assessment
  • Skill-Building Booklet with 15 Team Exercises
  • Book Discussion Guide
  • Email Prompts for Team Gathering

Apply the game-changing mindsets and heartsets of Kiss Your Dragons to real-world business problems to unlock a new way of working together as a team.


As you've discovered, Kiss Your Dragons is not an ordinary business book. Instead, it's more like a deep conversation among three friends and colleagues as they recount a shared journey. And it's designed to spark more conversations among other friends and colleagues who read it.

That's where you come in. We've created this facilitator's guide to help you lead discussions on each chapter in the book. Through the activities in this guide, and with your gentle nudging, readers will go deeper into the lessons in the book and become better versions of themselves.


Change Your Mind.
Change Your Heart.
Change the World.