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Kiss Your Dragons?

We’re excited that you’ve checked out Kiss Your Dragons, and we look forward with engaging with you as you dive deeper into how we can all change the world by building radical relationships, adopting bold heartsets, and—yes!—kissing dragons. Check out our growing list of resources.


As you’ve discovered, Kiss Your Dragons is not an ordinary business book. Instead, it’s more like a deep conversation among three friends and colleagues as they recount a shared journey. And it’s designed to spark more conversations among other friends and colleagues who read it.

That’s where you come in. We’ve created this facilitator’s guide to help you lead discussions on each chapter in the book. Through the activities in this guide—and with your gentle nudging—readers will go deeper into the lessons in the book and become better versions of themselves.


Page 9
“Heartset vs. Mindset”

Page 56
“We’re on a Mission to Unlock Human Potential”

Page 84
“A Pastor’s Armor-Bearer Duties”

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Even more resources for working through this book with your teams, including slides and activities.

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Change Your Mind. Change Your Heart. Change the World.

Change Your Mind. Change Your Heart. Change the World.