In This Episode

[02:16] Cheryl discusses how her beginning influenced where she is today

[03:56] How restaurants can improve the employee experience

[05:59] Cheryl recalls a time when this experience mentality made a difference

[08:09] Cheryl's role as a consultant on a Hooters casino project

[10:55] What she learned from working in Operations

[13:08] How executives can push ahead and move into the future

[15:39] Preconceived notions about the Hooters brand

[19:55] Best advice Cheryl received regarding leadership

[21:17] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from cheryl

Businesses have to put money and effort into making a workplace and employee experience optimal and appealing. 

It's important to pay attention to who people are as individuals and their potential. 

Read, research, and stay on top of what future generations like and want. Build those things into your programs NOW. 

Shine a light on the stories of your team members. 

Know thyself and that you are amazing! 

Notable quotes

[04:47] - "f you want to get the results that you're going for externally, then we have to make it just as much fun, just as appealing, just as exciting as we would to the external customers."


[05:17] - "Experiences drive beliefs, and beliefs drive behaviors."


[07:22] - "What really drives us as human beings is knowing that we're part of something bigger than ourselves."


[20:18] - "We cannot lead if we don't start with self first."

Our Guest

Cheryl Whiting-Kish is the Chief People Officer at HOA Brands, which operates and franchises close to 400 Hooters restaurants in 38 states. With a background in consulting and leadership, her focus is identifying talent and giving team members the space and freedom to shine, grow, and become whomever they want to be, wherever their path leads them. 

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