In This Episode

[02:03] The PechaKucha storytelling framework

[05:44] The TXI office experience prior to the pandemic

[06:58] Outgrowing and letting go of the experiences that helped shape TXI's culture

[07:25] Why rent is a dumb way to facilitate experiences

[08:12] How different tools help TXI bridge the connection gap as they transition to remote work

[10:39] Fostering a sense of connection and belonging by finding other ways to bring people together

[14:22] Finding other DEI leaders, and Mark's learnings as part of Loyola University's inaugural program for DEI Leadership

[18:34] The importance of giving everyone an equitable understanding of what growth means

[23:36] The Kermit Collective camps, the unconference approach, and what other leaders can learn from it

[27:28] The best advice Mark has ever received about leadership

[29:59] The Combustion Questions

what we learned from Mark

You can do more in-depth experiences around bringing people together than you could just shopping money and rent where it's gonna sit empty most of the time for most of the people.

Using rent to foster connection is a stupid use of resources these days.

The value of Cooperatition.

You should have a dedicated budget and leaders who are getting trained in DEI.

Take things that are implicit and make them very explicit.

Busy is the new stupid.

Notable quotes

[08:32] - "You need to have everything easily accessible to improve transparency and equitable access to everyone."

[10:40] - "Unlearn and let go of some of the things that historically worked to experiment and find new things that work."

[27:00] - "The most important way to learn is through admitting and owning up to failure." 

[28:52] - "Your time as a leader is not just when you"re busy doing a bunch of things."

Our Guest

Mark Rickmeier is the Chief Executive Officer at TXI, a product innovation company. He has created more than 100 mobile apps, custom-built web applications, and intuitive user experiences for clients like the Field Museum, Roger Ebert, AccuWeather, and Tyson Foods.

In 2014, Mark founded the Kermit Collective, a high-trust community of leading software companies, to help get new ideas and insights from outside of his own bubble.

He is the author of the Sticky Note Game and created a concept called the Inclusion Meeting Card game.

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