Turning A Splash Into A Flood

Amid the craziness of living in an upside-down, don’t-know-what-time-or-day-it-is pandemic world, I’m absolutely thankful for the life lessons and kernels of truth that keep splashing me in the face like ice water. (I’m not saying I always enjoy these learning moments, just that I’m grateful for them.)

One of the biggest cups of frigid liquid that has grabbed my attention most recently is that we can no longer escape or ignore global connectedness. We must stop living in denial about how one person getting sick in a country on the other side of the globe can temporarily upend our economic and emotional safety.

We are connected. All of us. Around the globe. Like it or not. And, honestly, I’m not sure I like it.

It’s time to lean into the discomfort, though. It’s time to pay attention to what the universe is trying to tell us. It’s time to wake up and see what we can learn.

One of my “lean in” moments is to focus on the intensity of human connectedness and the responsibility we have for each other. Our lives, our livelihoods, our wellbeing are intricately tied and cannot be separated.

As I was thinking about all of this earlier this week, I saw a post where InfoTrust called on other companies around the country to join them in making a “no-layoff” pledge through July 1. That’s such a powerful statement, and I’m glad to join this movement.

So, MOFI team, please know that you’re guaranteed a paycheck as we weather this pandemic storm together.

For me, the most important piece of this pledge is the opportunity to create emotional wellbeing for other humans. And, though it’s significant, financial safety is only one piece of the healthiness puzzle. As leaders, we also need to focus on things like physical and emotional safety.

Everywhere you turn these days, you see pain and grief. People are frustrated and tired. As a society, we’re overwhelmed, worried, and scared. Not a fertile bed for wellbeing, right?

That’s why we need to turn our focus to each other during this difficult time. We have to turn the ripple effect of a virus into an avalanche of goodness by getting serious about creating the safety that is necessary for emotional wellbeing.

So, I’m passing the challenge along to you. What can you do get outside your own world for a few minutes to pay attention to the humans around you? How might you find ways to create the physical, emotional, and financial safety that will offer peace of mind and enable those around you to feel a sense of wellbeing?

And, perhaps more importantly, what steps are you taking to focus on your own safety and wellbeing? Like the flight attendants (remember them?) always say, you have to put on your own oxygen mask before you assist another person.

As you consider all of this, please know that I’m here for you and that I’m ready to be a listening ear or a calming presence. Please reach out when you need me, and I promise to do the same when I need help.

Let’s crank it up a notch and together make a pledge to be champions for the connectedness that the world needs right now. Let’s turn splashes of cold water into a flood of kindness.

Love you guys!

–Shawn Nason, Man On Fire

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