Consumer Trends for 2017 – What are they and how do they impact your consumer?

The Story…

Here at Nason Group, our focus is on developing innovative mindsets and strategies that guide our clients to a better and clearer understanding of their consumer. Part of that process is looking ahead to consumer trends that promise to have an impact on their organization and get the client focused on building strategies, products -and services that will meet the consumer where they stand – either now or in the very near future.

In December 2016,  Ericsson Consumer Lab released their report, “10 Hot Consumer Trends 2017.”  The report is the result of online surveys conducted this past October, of advanced internet users in cities across the globe – to include Berlin, Chicago, Jakarta, Moscow, San Francisco, New York, Shanghai, and Toronto, just to name a handful. The respondents were not only a mix of nationalities – but age as well, with a span of between 15 and 69 years of age. Those surveyed are heavy users and early adopters of all kinds of digital technology – such as fitness trackers, smartphones and watches and the latest virtual reality headsets. They have their eyes and demands on the future – and we are listening.

We also took a look at the “Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2017” report by Daphne Kasriel-Alexander for Euromonitor International. Some of the areas examined in their report are the changing narrative of aging, children as “consumers in training”, the road to “faster shopping”, keeping it real as an organization – authenticity is a game changer for many consumers, personalizing the customer experience, post-purchase relationships, and wellness as a status symbol.

What We Learned…

From these two in-depth pieces of research, Nason group has identified our list for focus in 2017. Here is what we want to examine deeper:

2017 Consumer Placemats Picture

These are exciting, dynamic trends to watch. Our goal is to help our clients understand the implications of these trends for their consumers as they stand today, the impact of a competitor’s early leverage of the trends, the steps necessary to educate the organization on potential impact and lastly, as a leaders, how do these trends impact my ability to successfully lead my organization?

There is a great conversation around each of the 12 consumer trends for 2017 – we look forward to sharing our insights and opening a dialogue with you as you examine each one with us.

What We Will Do…

Our commitment is to continue to research globally where consumers are going and what they are expecting from organizations around the globe. We will continue to bring forth insights to not only help our partners but all those around us.

What You Can Do…

We would like you to consider these four questions as we journey through these trends over the next few weeks.

  • What are the implications of these trends on consumers using my product (s) or service (s)?
  • How might this trend impact my business if my competitors were to leverage this trend?
  • What steps to learn more about how this trend might affect my business?
  • As a leader, how might this trend impact my leadership style? And, what can I do about it?

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