The Harvest Is Ready – Are You? Harvest Summit 2016: My Top 10 Takeaways!

What I Was Doing – The Story…

This past 2016-11-04-11-07-52Friday I attended the inaugural Harvest Summit. Over and over again during the event, a verse from the Bible, Luke 2:10, kept coming to mind: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few…” Now, I am not trying to be over spiritual here – so please stay with me!

Christ sent 70 disciples out two by two to strengthen and encourage one another. The Harvest Summit was just that! An action packed day of celebrating, strengthening, and encouraging one other. The only difference is that there were 200+  innovation disciples & evangelists with lots of food & wine, but most importantly, we made some incredible new friends.

2016-11-04-14-33-18I want first to thank, Jessica Kilcullen for the invite to this day of celebration, what a powerful visionary and thought leader (also, her husband John Kilcullen, for standing behind her and this vision.)

The event took place in a “barn” on a hill in Sonoma County. We chatted around a space ship, in a wine cave, and around the olive press – but best of all, under the old oak tree.

What I Learned…

I would never have thought of all the great things I learned in one day. So here are my top 10 takeaways:

  1.  Mark Burnett stated, “Specialists have jobs. Generalists build empires!”  Think 10x – 2016-11-04-18-04-52and 10x doesn’t cost 10X more.  Create the culture to create the big vision.
  2. “An experience can be so good that you don’t want to post it.” Sometimes we just need to simply stay in the moment, enjoy each other and the experience.  Dustin Valette, Doug Keane, and Leslie Sbrocco.
  3. = The ability to imagine alternative realities + the courage to try to implement them.
  4. “Customers are your biggest marketing department. Get them to tell your story.” ~ Christen O’Brien
  5. “We manage two businesses at all times, the business we’re in and the business we’re becoming” ~ Ken Courtright. How do we do this in #healthcare?
  6. “CEO = chief encouragement officer” ~  Mark Burnett
  7. “Design is relationships, the experience, and everything around us. Design is the next competitive weapon.” ~ Clement Mok
  8. “Every startup needs a great idea/product, funding, and marketing. Most people de-2016-11-04-16-26-23emphasize the marketing.  You can’t start any business without being a great storyteller!”
  9. “You must fail to have disruptive innovation!” It’s all about Fast Learning. Fail forward and learn – Don’t just fail and celebrate. ~ Marcus Shingles
  10. I’m not a coffee drinker, but WOW! Thanks for giving me a low-carb cold drink!

What I Will Do With It…

As I drove away that evening my mind, spirit, and soul were so stirred. I felt like I could conquer anything put before me. I had been struggling as an innovator. I had lost my passion to dream, my passion to change the world, my passion to take people around me on the journey.

The Harvest Summit allowed me to be free – to be myself! What I will do with that is everything! I will push the boundaries! I will challenge the status quo! I will plant, water, and grow the Harvest!

Thank you Harvesters at the Harvest Summit 2016!


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