The Crew

Shawn Nason

What do you call an insanely creative pastor/church musician with a finance degree who ends up in the health care industry after a short jaunt into higher education? Well, we’re not really sure what YOU call that, but we call him, “Shawn.”

Shawn Nason, founder and CEO of the Nason Group, lives his life with a commitment to make everyone he meets a part of his family. Armed with the gift of discernment, he has the uncanny ability to walk alongside people as they struggle to connect with their deepest passions and engage their most debilitating demons. He challenges the world around him to be fully present, get real, and knock down the barrier that separates the various compartments in their lives.

In the world of health care, Shawn’s on a mission to disrupt the status quo by daring changemakers to pour their hearts into their work while doubling down on a commitment to humanize the patient and employee experience. Unwilling to separate his pastor’s heart from his work in the business world, he unapologetically challenges health care leaders to quit the bullsh*t and think bolder about how to actually improve people’s lives.

Like a charisma-filled revival preacher, he’s endlessly searching for the next situation to stir up, inspire, and make sure will never be the same. (If you know of any, please let him know, but you may want to warn the people in the situation first!)

When he’s not out causing trouble in the world, Shawn’s at home with his wife, daughter, son, and two incredible lucky dogs. Unless of course he’s traveling to Lexington to cheer on his beloved Kentucky Wildcats to win yet another national championship.

Michael Harper

Michael’s life can be summed up on his XM radio dial where the ESPN channel and Broadway channels are saved next to each other with the NPR channel close by. He believes in the power of stories and words whether they be on the stage, on a field, or in the news.

A big piece of Michael’s journey has been collecting and retelling stories as a teacher, youth minister, choir director, preacher, curriculum editor, theater production director, and team building facilitator. (As random as it may sound, he’s actually certified to teach band, orchestra, and choir in the state of Texas.) The theme that runs through all of his work is a burning passion to create communities of growth who create safe spaces to dig deep together, challenge each other, and give back to the world.

For the past few years, Michael has been hyper-focused on bringing his production, publishing, and facilitation skills into the world of health care disruption by serving as the chief of radical experiences for the Nason Group. This means working at breakneck speeds to deliver thought leadership, ethnographic research, and sprint experiences that change people’s mindsets and inspire them to shift from bitching about their frustrations to getting some sh*t done.

Michael and his wife, Cheri, are exploring the journey of empty nesting as they dream about new adventures while their daughter is in college. It may even mean that he’ll be able to get to some Cowboy games this year!