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What Changes & Shapes Your Life? The POWER OF YES!

By Shawn Nason / March 15, 2018 /

THE POWER OF YES is a mantra that you’ll hear often at the Nason Group. Over the years, not only have we seen this mindset free individuals, teams, and organizations to be able to innovate, we also gotten to see this mindset change lives. In our first blog about the power of yes (No, No,…

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Find Your Purpose Today! The Narrative Of Self-Care Being Selfish Is Over!

By Shawn Nason / October 6, 2017 /

The Story… Imagine with me, you enter a restaurant for the first time in a city you have never been. You come from behind the fire place and there are nine men sitting at a table; the table you are getting ready to sit at yourself. You sit down and introduce yourself to each of…

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The Journey To The Consumer: You Mean A Doctor (Provider) Is A Consumer?

By Shawn Nason / July 14, 2017 /

Well, hell yes, a DOCTOR is a consumer!  The Story… This week we started a 12-week journey with our partner in Philadelphia, Health Partners Plans. We are examining ways they can improve and cultivate stronger, better-connected provider relationships, specifically by changing how they and their subscribers perceive and value the provider relationship. We want to get…

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To He** With Traditional Healthcare! Move Over, There Is Something Better!

By Shawn Nason / July 6, 2017 /

The Story… Well, YES, I did say it! To Hell With Traditional Healthcare! This week I am going to diverge from The Power of Yes In Innovation, to a project that I have witnessed come to life over the past couple of years. As many of you know, I spent some time as Chief Innovation Officer…

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Conquering Your Fear By Facing It! Part Three: Leadership Principles to Live By

By Shawn Nason / October 13, 2016 /

Years ago when I stepped into a leadership role, I never anticipated how often I would be expected to step outside of my comfort zone and face my fears. Through the years the one key lesson I’ve learned is if you do not face the fear – whatever it is – you will go right back around that mountain…

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It’s Not About You! – Part Two: Leadership Principles to Live By

By Shawn Nason / September 28, 2016 /

Two weeks ago I began the series “It’s Not About You! – Leadership Principles to Live By”.  This week I want to focus on a new podcast I was introduced to by one of my team members, James Kanka (James, thank you for this amazing tool in my life.)  Forgive me for a moment; I have to tell you about James. James is…

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2016 Shifts in Wellness: From Superfood and Diet Trend Hysteria to Sane Eating – Becoming a local, ethical and seasonal consumer

By Shawn Nason / August 31, 2016 /

When we think of the five essential elements of wellness – Purpose, Social, Financial, Physical and Community, we may not immediately think of social consciousness as a necessary ingredient in our pursuit of total wellbeing. However, aligned with goals for understanding our purpose, along with our social and community engagement, is the critical importance of connecting our food consumption…

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2016 Shifts in Wellness: Epigenetics – Do we have the power to turn back time?

By Shawn Nason / August 9, 2016 /

What if you, by your own hand, held the power to transform your personal health and wellness outcomes? Sounds incredulous, doesn’t it? Well, science is merging with the metaphysical in groundbreaking genetic research centered around the mind-body connection. Medical science has long been driven by the belief that ultimately, our DNA is hardwired and determines…

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A Marriage Of High Tech And High Touch!

By Shawn Nason / August 2, 2016 /

For this week, I thought I would provide some insight and background on the recent changes at Healthways. On July 27, 2016, Healthways sold its Total Population Health Services and Emerging Markets business to Sharecare, founded in 2010 by internet entrepreneur, Jeff Arnold and Dr. Mehmet Oz, renowned cardiac surgeon and TV personality. In his recent blog post,…

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Does Well-Being Really Matter?

By Shawn Nason / July 26, 2016 /

The connection between employee well-being and productivity was documented as early as the late 19th century. National Cash Register offered pre workday horseback rides to its staff, believing that beginning the workday outside in the fresh air made for a happier, more productive employee. 136 years later the notion that employee well-being has a direct impact…

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