Pioneering Healthcare Transformation

In This Episode

  • [04:26] How strategy intersects with the patient, family, and employee experience in healthcare organizations
  • [06:08] The importance of aligning mission and vision with external partnerships
  • [10:32] How the pandemic has shaped Stony Brook Medicine's strategic plan and mindset
  • [11:44] The fortunate position of Stony Brook Medicine with bounced-back volumes and finances, and the anticipation for the new strategic plan
  • [13:17] How the pandemic changed Liz’s mind about strategy
  • [16:08] Incorporating the patient's voice in serving under-resourced communities at Stony Brook
  • [19:03] Making room for the voice of clinicians in the strategic plan
  • [21:29] “How might we” statement
  • [24:48] The Combustion Questions

What We Learned From Liz

  • Strategy plays a crucial role in making healthcare organizations stand out, and each organization has unique attributes that make them shine.
  • A patient-centric approach is essential, considering the patient, family, and employee experience when developing a strategy
  • Prioritizing the voice of the patient in decision-making processes is crucial, and organizations can gain valuable insights from market studies, community engagement, and student feedback.
  • Transforming the healthcare industry into a people-first business model involves understanding patient needs, improving patient education, fostering collaboration, and leveraging non-traditional partnerships.

Notable Quotes

[02:36] “Strategy for me has always been about differentiation. It's always about how you can make your organization shine compared to other organizations.”


[04:31] “Ultimately, your strategy is your roadmap to live out your mission and your vision statements for your organization.”


[13:27] “I think the biggest thing that changed in my mind is I always knew we needed to be patient-centric, consumer-centric. But I didn't realize just how much we needed to double down on that.”


Our Guest

Liz Popwell is the chief strategy and transformation officer at Stony Brook Medicine, responsible for strategic planning, implementation, and business development. With prior experience as chief strategy officer at Ascension Michigan, she improved market share, reduced out-of-network care rates, and fostered numerous transformative partnerships. As a healthcare leader, Liz drives strategic success.

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