Making a Ruckus in Patient Experience

In This Episode

  • [00:40] Introduction to Denise Wiseman
  • [02:33] Catalysts that led Denise into the field of patient experience
  • [05:05] The biggest challenge in improving patient experience
  • [08:47] Healthcare's misunderstanding of patient experience
  • [11:55] Lack of improvement in patient experience in healthcare since 2013
  • [13:06] Challenges in enhancing patient experience
  • [14:39] The birth of The Community
  • [19:01] Making a ruckus in healthcare
  • [23:07] Building a network hub
  • [24:46] ‘How Might We’ statement
  • [25:42] Equipping people for change
  • [26:37] Changing the healthcare mindset
  • [27:46] The combustion questions

What We Learned From Denise

  • The catalyst for change can come from personal experiences and the wisdom of others
  • There is still a long way to go in improving patient experience
  • The Community was founded to provide resources and support for healthcare professionals dedicated to improving patient care
  • Collaboration and unity are important for the future of healthcare
  • Awareness is the first step towards making a significant impact on healthcare

Notable Quotes

[05:15] “The work of patient experience is siloed in a number of ways. But when you think about patient experience, it is everything we do in health care, either directly or indirectly touches the patient..”

[09:06] “I think the fundamental problem is that health care doesn't understand what patient experience is. And this is a large problem that I don't think we can overcome.”

[19:39] “When we show up to make a ruckus, we're doing generous work. We're doing work on behalf of those we seek to serve.”

[20:20] “Being a ruckus maker to me is identifying those things that are problematic in health care that we're all aware of. But so many people are scared to point it out.”

Our Guest

Denise Wiseman, a healthcare visionary and social entrepreneur, founded The PX Community (PXC) in 2021 to revolutionize healthcare by removing barriers to patient experience support. With over a decade in the field, she encourages innovative thinking and fosters connections that go beyond organizations. Denise's mission: "Make a Ruckus That Makes a Difference."

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