Humanizing Leadership in Healthcare

In This Episode

  • [02:24] Faith's role at Theralink
  • [03:34] Transparency as a key insight
  • [11:40] The patient-centered mission
  • [14:04] The need for disruptors in oncology
  • [20:28] Connecting humans with the science
  • [23:39] Motivating and connecting with younger team members
  • [26:16] Advice for women in the industry
  • [27:31] The Combustion Questions

What We Learned From Faith

  • The importance of creating a healthy environment where both internal and external customers can thrive.
  • Tailoring interactions to meet people where they are and helping them engage in the process of innovation and change.
  • The significance of transparency in leadership roles, ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table and that cross-functional teams understand each other's priorities.
  • The importance of putting patients at the center of healthcare work and offering something different from what is currently available.
  • Finding ways to bring joy and personal connection to the job, even in a challenging industry like life sciences.

Notable Quotes

[2:59] “When you’re a leader, it’s really important that the folks that you’re leading feel like they’re a part of the process, the innovation, the change, the mission, all of that.”

[09:06] "Putting that connection of what you do to improve lives out in front keeps all of your human resources connected and what part they play in that, and praising them and having that broad corporate recognition is something that's very powerful.”

[26:47] “Find people around you and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to gather context for whatever it is that you’re doing.”

Our Guest

Faith Zaslavsky, a seasoned executive, served as President and GM of a $2 billion genetics firm's Oncology Unit. With 23+ years in genomics, her leadership led to transformative developments, making genomics accessible in clinical practice. Now steering Theralink assay initiatives, Faith continues her impactful journey, striving to save lives through innovative healthcare solutions.

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