Human-Obsessed and


Mavericks think differently. And, human-obsessed mavericks take all of that mavericky stuff up a notch.

Being a maverick is so much more than zigging when everyone else zags. True mavericks are risk-taking visionaries with strong convictions who dream bigger and bolder each day about what can be achieved in the world. Instead of being concerned with what everyone else is doing, they focus their energy on challenging the status quo, breaking new ground, and standing up for what's right.

When you add the human-obsessed piece to the equation, you end up with leaders who speak up when people and systems need attention. Filled with empathy, these special mavericks put their heads and hearts into action to create people-first organizations that change the world.

MOFI helps maverick-minded organizations reap the rewards of thinking bigger and bolder about experiences, innovation, and culture.

Frontline Workers Reflect on What it Means to be Heard in a People-First Organization

Are you ready to harness your inner maverick to fuel new growth?