The Experience Ecosystem

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Businesses are more than org charts, strategy documents, and mission statements. They're living, breathing ecosystems filled with people and people-driven processes that make an impact on the world. And, people-driven processes often end up creating experience silos.

At MOFI, we refuse to look at one piece of the experience puzzle without engaging your entire Experience Ecosystem as we tackle the biggest and hairiest experience, innovation, and culture challenges that you can send our way.

Why? Because we're more interested in long-term results and tearing down experience silos than innovation theater.

Shawn Nason and Sean Slovenski Discuss Experience Ecosystems


An Experience Ecosystemâ„¢ is the web of people, touchpoints, and systems that combine to define the experiences of everyone who interacts with an organization.

To leverage experience as a competitive advantage-one that increases engagement, loyalty, and revenue year after year-requires engaging and humanizing the entire ecosystem.

Ready to rethink your Experience Ecosystem?