2020 Trends: Moving Information – Enablers of Big Data

Download our full 2020 Tech Trends resource kit here to explore the technology that powers big data in healthcare more deeply.

You’ve heard about big data, but have you really considered what technologies are powering the data revolution? How will everyday technologies and services be affected by an exponentially growing demand for more data? How will machine learning and artificial intelligence enhance our comfort once they are activated by data-capture systems? What technology will provide the backbone to make this new world a possibility?

Our MOFI swat team has designed a resource kit to help you explore these questions and think about how our world will be shaped once the technologies on our near-term horizon become more widely deployed.  Download it today to explore each of these in detail.

In the interim, get to know the first pillar, Enablers, below.

Three Pillars of the Data Revolution

We’ve identified three pillars of the data revolution—enablers, aggregators, and interfaces—but they are all really about the same thing: Content.

People want content in all forms, but mainly content that stimulates them to move, to think, to love, to laugh, and sometimes to cry.

Content has always been easy to generate. We could easily create lots of 1’s and 0’s, but it wasn’t until they were put together into a graphical user interface (GUI) that consumer computing really took off. In the data age we can easily track biometrics or movie preferences, but having content isn’t enough; we need to make meaning out of it.

When we think about big data for healthcare and wellness purposes, this is what people are struggling with — making meaning out of all that content.

From a patient-consumer perspective, big data needs to be simple and easy. Unfortunately it is still complex and difficult. That’s why big data for consumer healthcare is still focused on the fundamentals, the infrastructure that will let us get to and create content that is meaningful to everyday people. It all starts with pillar one: Enablers.

Pillar One: Enablers

Letting us get to and share the content that we want.

Enablers are more than just the infrastructure that information moves on. They let us get access to the content we crave. And they make data-intensive experimentation available to more people. The new content that people will have access to and the ability to easily test data-intensive ideas, which used to be unthinkable on 4G networks, will open up huge avenues of opportunity for innovation.

Enhancing our data transfer infrastructure and tweaking how we access content isn’t the end-all answer to making bid data useful for healthcare though. If we just needed faster speeds — that would be easy. The lesson across all of these trends is that people don’t want better ways to get more data. People want better ways to live fulfilling, healthy, purpose-driven lives. We are psyched that our information infrastructure is getting an upgrade, but in the end tech won’t save us. We know what is really going to save us, the passion to care for one another.

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