Truth Tellers: Living Authentically in a Land of Bullshit

What happens if you’re caught up in living the best life? You worked hard to build it: a startup, a transformative leadership role at your organization, the boss.  You sacrificed time with family and friends to get here. You put in so many extra hours. Hell, you thought you had to.


And it was all for a good cause: An important role you played in making things happen, in realizing a vision that could truly help people, or at least provide for your family.


You also made extra time to mentor the next generation. You took the extra trip to see the new division manager and check progress on an expansion. You are there for your wife, your kids, your sister, your company, your friends, your church. Everyone. 


What if you woke up one day and realized it was all bullshit? What if you walked to the mirror, stared yourself straight in the face and realized you’ve been doing this adulting thing wrong this. whole. Time?


So much time impressing shareholders, clients, investors, spouses. Too much invested to start over. 


I’m calling bullshit.


I spend time working with executives who have all of the intelligence and ability to make big things happen. Yet they’re burdened by something even bigger than their opportunities, a sense of overwhelm that they have built a reputation and an expectation, one that ignores their own needs and their own truth. 


The reputation they’ve built is like a fortress–it requires constant diligence and maintenance to keep it secure and impenetrable. Inside is someone who’s afraid of trying something new, afraid of saying no, afraid of taking the time to figure out who they really are, after years of hiding behind job titles, responsibilities, and image.


It’s time for the TRUTH. Straight. No Chasers. 


Introducing Truth Tellers, a platform for men to quit the bul**hit and think bolder. To be present, get real and knock down barriers in their lives. Join the journey and follow us on Instagram