Disrupting the Boston Innovation Festival

5 Ways You Can Replicate the Disruption Lounge

It was great seeing everyone in Boston at #FEI2019!

Many of you stopped by the Disruption Lounge and were surprised that we weren’t there to ask anything of you. Rather, we were there to give something to you–to show you some love.

In your daily roles, you’re asked to do and be a lot of things: Try new things, but don’t fail. Find ways to innovate, but don’t disrupt the status quo. And most of all, don’t make people uncomfortable.

At Nason Group, we’re all about getting uncomfortable, though. We want to make you comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. When you’re recognized and appreciated for who you are, when you’re in a safe place, it’s suddenly OK to get real. There’s a safe place to land, whether you fall or whether you fly.

Why Disruption Lounge

The Disruption Lounge concept was new for a new idea for us, too. In January, we wanted to find a new way to help fellow disruptors and game changers do what they do–easier, better and faster. But how?

One of our foundational principles is in meeting people where they are. And at conferences and festivals, most of the time you are burning the candles at both ends. You’re trying to hear all the speakers, tweet all the tweets, respond to all the emails, do all the networking, and manage everything back home. That leaves little space for your mind to rest and absorb what you’re learning and to internalize things in a way that leaves you inspired to tackle new ideas rather than overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

In the Lounge, we meet you there–in that space of excitement, inspiration, exhaustion and overwhelm. We let you do you, and we love you for it.

Even the world’s best listeners still need to be heard and understood. We are here for you.

Now that the Innovation Festival has ended, you can replicate the Disruption Lounge in your own life, providing casual spaces for your customers, teams or colleagues to be themselves and be heard.

Create Your Own Disruption Lounge (Almost) Anywhere

1. Identify (and reserve in Outlook if needed!) a casual, comfortable space.

Sure, soft furniture and soothing wall colors are nice, but they aren’t necessary. If you’re doing the rest of your lounge correctly, you’ll still create an ambiance of accessibility. Music is good, too. You can check out our Disruption Lounge playlist on Spotify for inspiration.

2. Show hospitality.

You’re there to help others receive. A great way to break the ice is to literally give them something, whether it’s a better cup of coffee than what’s on offer in the break room, new corporate swag or free lunch, demonstrate that you thought ahead about giving them something with no expectations in return.

3. Be your authentic self.

You can’t preach “You do you” unless you also are doing the real you. Share something about yourself that would put others at ease, tell a funny joke you heard on Jimmy Fallon–whatever is you.

4. Listen.

You’ve let down your guard, and by now, hopefully, they will have, too. It’s time to sit back and listen. Put the phone notifications on do-not-disturb, and listen intently, giving them your full attention, including direct eye contact (within reason–don’t be creepy).

5. Thank them.

Whatever happens, be genuine in thanking them for spending time with you, and offer ways to stay in contact on what you discussed.

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