Patient Experience Symposium Wrap Up

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]We just got back from PXS @ Harvard Medical School, where we shared about the power of consumer-centered design through the lens of disruption, and we left enthused about the industry’s shift toward empathy in providing and practicing health care.

The symposium is a gathering of healthcare professionals, patient advocates, practitioners, educators, thought leaders, and patients who are transforming the patient experience, and changing the way people experience healthcare.

At the symposium, distinguished faculty provide insights on what factors impact the patient experience, the role of leadership in a culture of patient-centered care and identifying innovations that can quickly make an impact in the lives of patients and practitioners.

Of equal importance are the real experts at the symposium–patients who share their personal journeys through candid stories that provide a real-world perspective.

From our time sharing in an interactive workshop to our time in the exhibit hall, we heard these themes over and over:

  1. The importance of partnership and collaboration–not just with other health care providers, but also with patients and their families
  2. The link between compassion and empathy and the need to practice both
  3. The duty to listen to patients’ stories and the need to treat each patient as a person rather than an interesting case
  4. The need to create space for health care providers to care for themselves, so they can continue putting their patients first at work

Now that we’ve talked about it, it’s time to go make real change happen and stay relentlessly focused on putting patients first.

We’ll be back in Boston in a few weeks for the Front End of Innovation Conference!

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