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It's no longer business as usual. It's now about bringing your awareness, values, and principles into the work you do no matter where you are or how you're working. Join authors Shawn Nason, Robin Glasco, and Michael Harper as they share their journey of moving from business mindsets into intuitive heartsets and discuss how these heartsets can permeate your life and work to change your world. Are you ready to kiss your dragons?

Heartsets, Shadow Work, and Batman
(Or What Autocannibalism Can Teach Us about Batman and Why You Need to Eat Your Heart to Reach Your Potential)
Shawn Nason with Michael Harper and Special Guest Christopher Brennan
March 30, 2021 2:15 - 3:00pm ET

On one level, Kiss Your Dragons is a simple tale about embracing the challenges that prevent you from being the bad*ss that the world needs you to be right now. But let's dig deeper. Connect with Shawn Nason, coauthor Michael Harper, and futurist Christopher Brennan as they explore an intellectual journey into the heart of the radical yet practical theories that exist within the construct of their dragon-kissing paradigm. The messages in this book run as deep as you'll allow, so this session will completely depend on the community that shows up to engage with them. Are you ready for your head and heart to spin a bit?

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Dragon Kissing for Leaders
Shawn Nason with Robin Glasco
March 17, 2021 1:00 - 1:45pm ET

We don't know about you, but we're sick and tired of leaders that suck. Kiss Your Dragons offers a roadmap, toolbelt, and ass-kicking that will challenge you to rethink your approach to the art of leadership. Join Shawn Nason and coauthor Robin Glasco as they unpack the mindsets and heartsets that they've fine-tuned as they've navigated corporate leadership roles and, like almost all other disruptors and innovators, embraced being kicked in the teeth nearly every day. All current and future leaders are welcome, but be prepared to get real about where you need to rethink what you know about leadership.

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Kissing Your Dragons: Rethinking Pretty Much Everything about How You're Living and Working
Shawn Nason with Robin Glasco and Michael Harper
March 4, 2021 2:45 - 3:30pm ET

All three authors came together to create a total immersion into the mindsets and heartsets that have changed their lives and created the DNA of the book. It's one thing to read about radical relationships; it's a whole new level to experience the authenticity, tension, and messiness that comes with it. Kiss Your Dragons invites you into a new way of living and working, and this is your first in-person opportunity to start this part of your journey. So let's come together, blow some sh*t up, and change the world.

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Shawn is a blow-it-up, mess-with-people, risk-taking natural big thinker. He’s what would happen if disruption and divergence had a baby. He’s been working with leaders from all kinds of industries and backgrounds for three decades, and has sometimes even been called a  corporate pastor because he walks with people—all people—with an open heart and a commitment to telling the truth. He has no trouble being the bull in the china shop to get people thinking differently about the world around them.



Robin is a naturally creative thinker, master of metaphor and analogies, and somewhere in between Michael and Shawn on the disruption meter. To almost everyone that she meets, she’s the one who’s way out there. She’s not afraid of thinking big and always interested in blowing sh*t up. But she met her match with Shawn because he’s challenged her to embrace being uncomfortable, which has helped her get real and grow. He’s definitely putting the radical in the relationship. Also, please feel free to call her “Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons.”



When it comes to risk, Michael is pretty much the opposite of Shawn. He used to think that he was a push-the-envelope kind of person until he started this disruption journey. Now he sees that he’s the one who often starts with a “no” and overthinks pretty much everything. He won’t apologize for thinking before he jumps, but he also knows that his life has been changed by these mindsets and heartsets. If you’re reading this with any reluctance, though, you’re definitely in his tribe.