Improving NPS by Blowing up the Employee and Customer Experience

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The Health and Wellness division of a major retailer realized that a broken employee experience was leading to a poor customer experience. The division had lost sight of putting their customers first and were prioritizing process over caring, which lead to lower-than-expected NPS scores, a higher volume of customer complaint calls, and disengaged employees.



In collaboration with the Disney Institute, MOFI helped refocus the company's employee experience, empowering them with the tools and training needed to deliver a people-centric customer experience every day.

The tools and training included:

  • The development of a "North Star" to unify the employees around a shared "why"
  • Interactive in-person training for team members to embrace and apply the common purpose to customer interactions
  • Interactive in-person training for leaders to learn how to embody the common purpose with their teams
  • The development of a common language (words and phrases) to bring the common purpose to life
  • Interactive in-person training to equip team members with the basic elements of the common language


  • 85,000 employees trained in a nine-month period
  • 7-point increase in NPS in the 18 months that followed the initial training
  • 5-point increase in NPS in the quarter that followed the initial training
  • 33% fewer complaints in the quarter that followed the training


  • NPS can be increased by improved the employee experience
  • Improving the employee experience required a multi-faceted shift in culture that includes aligning team members to a common purpose and providing them with the training and practical tools they need to bring the common purpose to life.
  • Sustaining an improved employee experience (and continuing to increase the NPS) required organizational change over time, which requires buy-un from all levels of leadership. Critical components for successful change include a commitment from the executive team, a revised operations plan, and specialized training, tools, and coaching for all levels of leadership.


"Many of our team members are good at their jobs but do not interact with others in a positive way that builds connections. This initiative gives them the tools to do that successfully and will create a better work environment."

"Having people from different levels in the same room for the training was a little bit of a shock at first, but ended up making a huge difference. This is the beginning of a whole new way of doing things."

"I've worked here for eleven years. This is the first time I've felt this positive about being supported in my job. I finally get it. This is so much bigger than me."


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